Have you heard of this hack?

As Rob Thomas once sang on a Grammy-winning Carlos Santa song, “man, it’s a hot one.” With hot summer weather comes a variety of things to drink and eat that can taste good while helping you cool down, but I think it’s safe to say that cereal isn’t normally considered one of them.

In further proof that nothing about 2020 makes any sense, a new TikTok trend is pushing people to put cereal in the freezer. Not because one of the more shelf-stable foods out there keeps better if you treat it like a perishable good, but because an ice-cold bowl of cereal offers a superior taste.

As you can see from the TikTok, you basically just fill up a bowl with cereal, let it sit in the freezer for an indeterminate amount of time, pour milk and enjoy. I’m not going to try to describe the sounds that @AcebKing makes after testing out the frozen cereal theory, but suffice to say it’s pretty apparent that he enjoyed the end result.

While that post doesn’t really offer any specifics about why it tastes so good, another post from @maxinCoolin who was inspired to try it out describes the end result as crunchy, cold, and delicious.

It looks like the freezer cereal “challenge” (if it can be called that) mostly consists of people putting Cheerios (exact flavor unknown) in the freezer, but it sounds like there’s no reason a bowl of Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, or Froot Flakes couldn’t be similarly improved by spending some time chilling next to the Pizza Rolls.

So if room temperature cereal just doesn’t give you that same thrill anymore, you know what to do. Just be careful if you have sensitive teeth, because I imagine this could actually be a bit unpleasant if that describes you.