When I was little, the best, most filling breakfast was toast slathered with peanut butter. Sure, it had its variations. Swap toast for bagel. Add jelly on a day you weren't wearing a white shirt.

These days, peanut butter sometimes gets swept to the side. Why go for basic when you could have almond butter or, if you're me, hazelnut spread (that's Nutella, people).

But, as my toddler gets bigger and I start looking for better way to sneak protein into her diet than by dousing pork and salmon in applesauce, peanut butter is starting to look very appealing again. It's always been my go-to emergency meal, remaining in my pantry for nights when I can't pull dinner together, days when I need a quick lunch, or even mid-afternoon snacks when I just can't wait until dinner.

I've decided my kiddo's first forray into the salty staple will be a fun twist on my PB on Toast: Cooking Light's Peanut Butter Banana Bread


It combines pretty much everything she loves in life: Bananas and carbs. And since I'm pretty sure she'll assume the glaze is actually dip, I'm guaranteed a happy morning, which means I get to have another sip of tea before the day begins.

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel