All those times you thought you were simply enjoying a classic, cool, refreshing slice of green-hued Key Lime Pie? They were lies. You were actually eating a piece of food history.


Apparently, the Keys haven't just given us amazing snorkeling, tasty cocktails, and great literary references (not to mention six-toed cats!). They've also given us a classic Southern dessert: Key Lime Pie.

Unfortunately for us, the good people of the Keys were too busy reading, painting, creating, and generally being artistic to leave much of a historical reference to the creation of this pie. That or they just kept going back for more and then fell into a food coma before writing anything down.

What we do know is that milk was expensive and it spoiled quickly, especially in the heat of the Keys. So the timing of this pie's creation with the invention of canned condensed milk is likely no coincidence.

While the great flavor of the pie hasn't changed, one key ingredient has: the crust.

The original Key Lime Pie featured a traditional pie crust. The good people of Nabisco (then the National Biscuit Company) didn't start making honey grahams until 1925, which people quickly discovered paired nicely with the tart Key limes.

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