What's old is new again and sometimes you just can't beat the flavor of Banana Snack Cake.


The formula is simple. Make banana bread in a casserole dish. Top with cream cheese icing (and we foolishly thought banana bread didn't need icing!), then garnish with roasted bananas, just to prove to everyone on the block that your after-school snack really is all that and a bag of chips.

Traditionally, "snack cakes" were thought of as store-bought packaged cakes, like Twinkies and other Hostess fare. Technically, however, snack cakes are baked desserts made with cake and icing. So... pretty much any sheet cake you can dream up would fit the bill.

We love this snack cake recipe because it boasts all the sweet ripe-banana flavor of our favorite banana bread recipes with a game-changing topping of our favorite icing. Adding roasted bananas on top? That's just gilding the lily, but what a deserving, tasty lily it is.

Looking for a light version? Cooking Light's Banana Snacking Cake is pretty hard to beat, though you will sacrifice cream cheese frosting for whipped topping.

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By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel