The countdown is ON to Netflix's revival of the beloved Gilmore Girls. To celebrate, we're recreating Rory's first night at Yale, when Lorelai insisted that Rory order everything within delivery distance and judge the food on quality, speed of service, and cuteness of delivery guy.

Grab some friends, cue up Season 4, Episode 2, and let the good food roll on in. In order of appearance, your assigned, must try food groups are:

Balinese Food

Bubur Injun is a black rice pudding made with black rice and coconut milk. The dish is sometimes topped with baked banana and is served for everything from a sweet breakfast to a tasty dessert.

Lorelai and Rory should be thankful. We could've suggested Kopi Luwak, also called "poo coffee" because of the animals who eat the coffee beans berries and defecate out the beans, which are then gathered, cleaned, and roasted. Because that makes it all ok.

Philippines Dishes

Easy Chicken Adobo

Garlic, vinegar, and soy sauce dress up this easy dish. Add rice for sopping and red wine for sipping and you're set.

Singapore Recipes

Chicken Drumsticks with Singapore Sauce

Pretty sure they ordered this one just so they could get their fingers messy and then make Paris' craft nook all sticky. That's right, macaroni, we're coming for you.

Vietnamese Dishes

Like spring rolls? You'll love this deconstructed version. Pretty sure the lettuce doesn't fit in either Lorelai's diet, since they mention salad about 1,000 times, but rarely eat one.

Indian Recipes

Chicken Tikka Masala

What would a bunch of college kids order from an Indian restaurant? All the Chicken Tikka Masala they could find. Plus, naan. Unfortunately, this particular dish isn't traditionally Indian, but rather a creation born of the U.K. And yet, delicious.

Mexican Dishes

Crispy Tilapia Tacos

We all have our favorite taco dive and our go-to place for queso. Rory got her marching orders according to the group consensus at the impromptu tasting party, "If you're gonna go to Baja Bill's you must get the cheese quesadilla, and ask for Stan or Tommy. If you don't get Stan or Tommy go to Paco's Tacos. The delivery guys are butt ugly but the food is better." Ah, college.


Pepperoni Pizza

Pizza may have seemed like an afterthought, but we're pretty sure Lorelai was thinking ahead. What better way to wake up to your new reality your first morning at college than by eating leftover pizza? #brilliant Don't tell the Girls, but this one has a gluten-free crust. Plus, 8.5 delivery guy, so...

Ice Cream


Further proof that Gilmore Girls was ahead of its time? Ice cream delivery! Until recently, the only way to get ice cream to your door was to hope the ice cream truck hopped the curb, yet the Lorelais had it in 2003. We're pretty sure they took that ice cream and made ice cream sandwiches. After they rated the delivery guy of course.

German Dishes

Bavarian Potato-Cucumber Salad

When we think of take out, the last thing we think about it ordering up warm potato salad and kraut with a big side of meat, but hey, no one is asking us. Label this one as a cuisine that should be up for International Grab Bag night.

Chinese Recipes

Baked Egg Rolls

Though the Lorelais never declare an official winner, we're pretty sure it's the Chinese food which was the only take out that was completely eaten. Did it compare with International Night at Al's Pancake World? We'll never know. Maybe the Yale take out was was just so delicious that everyone loved it, or maybe it went so fast because it's one of the more familiar take out options, so more new undergrads would be willing to eat it? Who cares? It's delicious!

Japanese Dishes

Japanese Chicken Meatballs

Freddy's Happy Tokyo Takeout might have been a bust (save Ang, the delivery guy, and his "solid 9" status), but that doesn't mean your dish has to be. Try these Japanese meatballs, because food on a stick is always more fun that food not on a stick.

Sadly, no Sri Lankan food to be found around Yale.

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel