We really want to try I Think It Tastes Like Butter.

By Corey Williams
Updated September 17, 2018
Butter It's Not
Credit: Reddit u/HarpsichordsAreNoisy

Oh, so you don’t have enough ways to waste time on the Internet? Well, then. Let me introduce you to Reddit. More specifically, /r/crappyoffbrands, a subreddit that highlights some of the most creatively named generic products that users see while shopping. Breakfast cereals certainly seem to be a popular item to rebrand:

And, oh dear God, what have they done with our beloved Dr. Pepper?

These snacks seem … appetizing.

But, no off-brand product seems to inspire creativity like butter. I dare you to get to the end of this list without cracking a smile.

Whether you started your morning with High Fiber Twigs or with Toast’em Pop-Ups, we’d like to think these off-brand products brightened your day a bit.