Would you allow someone to come into your home, take a picture of your refrigerator unannounced, and then publish it for the world to see? I'm afraid that right now mine would tell the world, that I have a real coffee addiction, fail to eat my vegetables, but at least have good intentions. What do you think your's would say?

Photographer, Mark Menjivar, posed the simple question, "May I photograph the interior of your fridge?" in his project "You are what you eat." The photos are an interesting, revealing look at Americans and their lifestyles today examined through the harsh, flourescent refrigerator lights.

I can't copy the images here, but don't miss the refrigerator of a short-order cook in Marathon, Texas stocked only with frozen foods, a snake, and a caption reading "She bench presses 300 lbs." Or the malnourished fridge of a 6-person house that's full of Diet Cokes and ketchup, but low on "real" food. There's a refrigerator in Indiana of someone who seems to think that a milk, apples, and onion diet will save him from the previous three years he spent eating donuts. Ironically or not, the obituary writer in San Antonio has one of the healthiest, cleanest refrigerators shown.

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