My husband and I have gotten into a wonderful habit of cooking our way through Cooking Light's recipes each month. It all started when I arrived home with a fresh stack of work magazines (toil, toil) and he started thumbing pages as he flipped through the sections. A shrimp dish here, an appetizer there, and then, this: Summer's Perfect Cobbler.


Generally I'm not a huge fan of hot cherries. I like them cold in my Shirley Temple, Manhattan, and milkshake, but hot ones, whether in turnovers or pies, have never attracted my interest.

This time, however, the Cherry-Almond Crispwas too decadent looking to pass up. I picked up cherries (and a cherry pitter, of course) and made this crisp. Twice. In three days. For just the two of us.

It was decadent. For me, the best part of any pie, crisp, or cobbler is the streusel, crust, or topping. This crisp did not disappoint.

While we've moved on to the newer recipes from Cooking Light and its sister publications, this crisp has landed a spot in the coveted "Must Make Again SOON" recipe pile that is my kitchen's bookshelf. That husband of mine? What can I say; he's got a good eye!

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel