The Internet has blessed us with yet another wacky and incredibly entertaining challenge, but this time it doesn't involve dropping freezing water over your head or ingesting heaping spoonfuls of cinnamon.

Dads are competing against one another to see how many Cheerios they can stack atop their sleeping babies. This is a real thing. Why? No idea. Is it incredible? Why yes, yes it is.

Allow us to introduce you to the #CheerioChallenge.

It takes skill, it takes stealth, it takes agility. And it will take almost everything you have to keep from losing it.

So far, a winner has not been officially named. But this guy might be the one.

Word on the street is licking, spitting, and/or gluing are all tactics that have been employed by cheaters to make the cereal hold together. We knew there had to be a trick.

But why does it have to be Cheerios and babies? And why are dads the only ones allowed in on this fun? That's what the moms (and now just about everyone else) are asking themselves, and things are officially getting out of hand.

These people clearly care nothing for the integrity of the game.

Pretty sure they missed the entire point, but you've gotta admit this is cute.

This is actually terrifying.

Is this like the reverse Cheerio Challenge?

Why stop with babies when you can use your fur baby?

Not Cheerios.

Still not Cheerios.


That's not how this works. That's now how any of this works.