Everything doesn’t have to be homemade.
Trader Joe's Thanksgiving Products
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There is no shame in taking shortcuts to pull off a monumental Thanksgiving menu. You make a few items from scratch, have family members bring a items, and you buy the rest. Trader Joe’s has got you covered with an array of dishes you simply heat up and serve. These convenience foods help shave minutes off the time you spend in the kitchen, giving you more to spend at the table, where you belong.

Turkey & Stuffing En Croute, $12.99

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Trader Joe's

Get all the same vibes as a beef Wellington with this turkey roast wrapped in stuffing and puff pastry. This is ideal if you are hosting a low-key Thanksgiving dinner for a few people and do not need a whole turkey. The 40-ounce roast will surely be enough to feed you approximately 3 others, as well as save you some bucks over purchasing and roasting a full turkey.

Sweet Pull-Apart Aloha Rolls, $2.99

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Trader Joes Sweet Rolls

Fill the air with the aroma of yeasty rolls warming in the oven with Trader Joe’s riff on Hawaiian sweet rolls. Once the rolls are warmed, brush them with melted butter for an added touch of melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Be sure to purchase a few bags because is never enough.

Mashed Cauliflower, $2.99

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Trader Joe's

For those looking to cut back on carbs this holiday season, mashed cauliflower is a fitting alternative to turn to when all of the other temptations are hard to resist. And don’t worry, it’s not short on flavor or texture. The cauliflower is blanched and pureed with cream, butter, and garlic, just like classic mashed potatoes.

Cranberry Chèvre Fresh Goat Cheese, $2.99

Trader Joes Sweet Rolls
Trader Joes cranberry chevre
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Trader Joes cranberry chevre Trader Joe's

A cheese board is always an easy and simple appetizer to pull together within minutes. This goat cheese log is rolled in sweet-tart candied cranberries that balance the natural tanginess of the cheese. Have guests bring over an array of other cheeses to accompany the goat cheese log for a full cheese board. And at this price, you can afford to grab a few cheese logs.

Sweet Potato & Marshmallow Pixie Pie Mix, $2.99

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Credit: Sweet Potato Pixie Pie Mix

Sweet Potato Pixie Pie Mix

This has to be the most epic dessert mashup in the history of Turkey Day sweets. The combo between sweet potato and marshmallow is nothing new, but the ease of having it in an quick box mix makes it much more fun and approachable. This is also a good, go-to mix to assemble when you need to make dessert for Friendsgiving.

Chocolate Pecan Pie Bar, $6.99

Trader Joes Pecan Bar
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Trader Joe's

Pecan pie is hands down one of the most popular pie flavors of the holiday season. Trader Joe’s has shifted this classic pie into bar form with a familiar flaky crust and whole pecans. The addition of semi-sweet chocolate pieces adds another level of decadnce to the rich, gooey bar.