We did a taste test so you don't have to, and the results are in.


First we lined them up.


Which didn't do much for us. They pretty much all looked the same, except the Thins, which were, of course, thin. Then we twisted off the tops.


Which did more for us, namely making us way less interested in trying Filled Cupcake.

Then we tasted. Here's what we thought, in no particular order:

Red Velvet

These were super divisive. "Buttery and tangy, like a good red velvet," said one staffer. Another wrote, "Cream cheese is creamy, love the consistency. Hate the fake flavor." Overall, a crowd favorite, though, with one declaring, "LOVE!" It's worth noting that the cookie is more rust colored than red.


Pretty much everyone loved the classic Mint, except one grinch who compared it to toothpaste (we've contacted HR). Award for best comment goes to the staffer who used all his senses, "I like the regular, good ratio of mint, even has a great smell."

Cinnamon Bun

Did it taste like a cinnamon bun? Not so much, but it did taste like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and cinnamon Graham Crackers, according to our tasters. "Really decadent and authentic tasting." Best serving suggestion: "I really want to leave 10 in a glass of milk and then drink it all up."


So basically this is a classic Oreo tinted yellow to celebrate spring. Our testers swore up and down that the yellow dye in the filling changed the classic flavor. "Just tastes like an Oreo with food coloring." Oreo must be aware of the problem as they bill the cookie as being the same as their original, just in a fun spring color.


The biggest complaint on these bad boys was that they were too thin. For once, tasters wanted more cookie! We're calling it a win.

Mint Thins

The far-and-away favorite. "Tastes better than regular mint Oreos--a lighter flavor," said one taster.

Filled Cupcake

Classic Oreo cookies, chocolate filling, vanilla filling in the center. Slightly freaky when you twist them open. Our resident Oreo expert said, "They compare to the Birthday Cake Oreos, but the birthday cake is better." Others agreed that this cookie had lost its focus. "Too many things going on."

Peanut Butter Cup

This cookie claimed to combine two of our favorite premade treats into one. Our tasters lamented that this one didn't live up to their expectations. "It tasted more like a Nutter Butter," which is not a bad thing, but is definitely not a Peanut Butter Cup. Another brought us back to our youth with her analysis, "Remember in The Parent Trap when Lindsey Lohan eats Oreos dunked in Peanut Butter at camp? This is exactly what this one tastes like. Very yummy." Apparently she was on set at the time. The general theme? We wanted this one to be more peanut buttery.


Everyone agreed--these taste like the cookies your grandma used to give you. And while that's not a bad thing, it wasn't great. "Not a good lemon experience, tastes like cleaner." Overall, everyone agreed that they were pretty good, if you didn't know they were suppose to be lemon.


So how'd we end up?


What's your favorite seasonal Oreo?

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By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel