I hate working with pastry sheets. Complete and full disclosure. I just despise working with the stuff and avoid it at all costs. But then the other day, something about this recipe for Spicy Bacon Cheddar Butterflies caught my eye. We were having a fondue party, and I was looking for a couple of quick appetizers to round out the meal, and when I was going through the December/January copy of Rachael Ray's magazine, they jumped out at me. Seems kind of silly since there was no big write-up, just a little picture and a few recipe directions under the heading "Puff Pastry." Usually that would have been enough to have me running for the hills. Must have been the bacon. Bacon makes everything better. Everybody knows that.

So I whipped these up this weekend, and even though I was cursing the pastry sheets under my breath because it is ridiculously hard to slice this once it's rolled up and the dough is softening, they actually didn't turn out half-bad looking, surprisingly enough. With Thanksgiving on our heels, I thought these just might be the perfect thing to kick off your holiday festivities. Even if you hate pastry sheets like I do.

Spicy Bacon-Cheddar Butterflies

Recipe from Every Day with Rachael Ray