With a boneless leg of lamb in the freezer (courtesy of a great deal at Costco back in April), Brent and I decided to smoke some lamb for the first Saturday of college football season. We've smoked lamb on the Big Green Egg a couple of times before, always coating the meat in a crust made from olive oil and various seasonings. For something a little different, we tried this recipe from, which didn't call for any overnight marinades (as the lamb spent Friday night defrosting). We threw some mesquite and hickory woodchips, plus whole rosemary sprigs, on the hot coals for that extra-smoky flavor. Wild rice with gravy, salad, and cornbread rounded out the meal.


This recipe was by far our favorite way to cook lamb so far - the flavor was amazing, and it almost (almost) reminded me of a smoked Boston butt roast. It was definitely a nice change of pace for game day, so the next time you're racking your brain for a great football meal, consider a a Big Green Egg leg of lamb.

What are your favorite recipes for college football Saturdays? Appetizers, desserts, entrees - whatever really gets you fired up to watch some gridiron battles!