Get ready for double crunch technology.

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “hot nuts”? To most, it probably conjures images of chestnuts roasting on an open fire around the holidays, as Nat King Cole once sang about.

Well, that might soon change, because the people who brought you hot Takis are about to add their particular take on spicy snack foods to the humble nut. The people who introduced the world to fiery tortilla sticks are out with Takis Hot Nuts, a new line of spicy snacking peanuts to prove that the classic baseball snack doesn’t have to be boring anymore.

With an assist from what they’re calling “double crunch technology”, the three flavors of Takis Hot Nuts aim to keep you feeling the heat both inside and out. Flare mixes chili pepper and lime flavors, while Fuego turns the heat up a bit. Meanwhile, Smokin’ Lime replaces the chili pepper with a bit of smoky chipotle for a slightly different (but by no means mild) taste.

Credit: Takis


Why make Hot Nuts? To the folks at Takis, the answer is essentially why not?

“The opportunity to once again disrupt the market of salty snacks by bringing Takis’ unmatched intensity and flavor to the snack nuts category is something we could not pass up,” said Sandra Peregrina, marketing manager for Takis snacks at Barcel USA according to Food Business News.

So if regular peanuts are putting you to sleep or you’re tired of the typical Takis shape, then these Hot Nuts are for you. Just don’t be shocked if that double crunch technology proves too hot to handle.