Redundancy coming soon to your local combination KFC/Taco Bell.

As you’re no doubt aware, it’s not all that uncommon to see a Taco Bell and a KFC standing side by side these days. That sort of Yum! Brands cross-pollination is great if you want to pair some of KFC’s wings with a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, for example. Now, though, it seems that Taco Bell looks like it’s about to make a serious incursion onto Colonel Sanders’ turf.

According to Foodbeast, it sure looks like Taco Bell is in the process of testing its own take on Chicken wings. Photo evidence from one testing location in Fullerton, California suggests that these Crispy Chicken Wings feature “Bold Mexican seasoning” and a “Spicy ranch sauce” for dipping. That’s great news for anyone sick of blue cheese’s tyrannical reign as a default wing sauce.

Though there’s not a whole lot of official information to go off of (as Taco Bell wouldn’t confirm the news), Taco Bell’s test menu offers five of these wings for $4.99, which probably isn’t the best deal on wings you’re going to find. Still, the opportunity to try some wings from T-Bell is probably too hard to pass up, even if you don’t have one of their vintage booths installed in your home office.

If Foodbeast has one complaint, it’s that the wings could probably be a bit spicier. So if hot wings are your thing, you might want to grab a few packets of their Diablo or Fire sauce to heat things up a bit. Given that things are far from finalized, though, don’t rule out Taco Bell spicing up the wings a bit more themselves before things roll out nationwide.

Obviously, there’s no ETA on when or where these wings will land, but for now it seems like Fullerton, CA is at least one hotspot. Whether KFC (which, again, is owned by the same parent company) will retaliate by issuing its own line of tacos remains to be seen, but I suppose you can’t rule it out entirely.