Three mini Chalupas, one glorious shell.

Taco Bell is a brand that believes in thinking outside the bun and living más. That’s led to some bold innovation like the Chalupa over the years, as well as whatever the Naked Egg Taco is supposed to be.

Now, Taco Bell is tripling down on the Chalupa as we know it to create the next entry in its now 20-year storied history. Behold, the Triplelupa.

As its name suggests, the Triplelupa is three (mini) Chalupas in one, adding up to “the longest shell in Taco Bell history,” according to a press release. In case you’re worried such an expansion of Chalupa is unwieldy, you should know that the Triplelupa is meant to be torn apart into its three component segments, each with its own flavor to savor. First, there’s the Nacho Cheese mini Chalupa on one end, and a Chipotle mini Chalupa on the other. You’re never going to believe this, but the middle Chalupa is a combination of the two flavors: Cheesy Chipotle.

Oh, and despite the fact that this thing comprises three unique mini Chalupas, you get twice the beef of a regular chalupa, rather than 1.5 times. Would you look at that.

In an effort to get Zoomers to eat this thing, Taco Bell plans to incorporate TikTok into how it touts the Triplelupa. Their first national ad for the shareable take on a Chalupa will be shot entirely using the short-form social media platform, which will possibly incorporate footage garnered from youths participating in a “upcoming Taco Bell hashtag challenge” (#challenge?). This is the first time TikTok has directly partnered with a brand on an advertising campaign like this, so expect teens to migrate to a less corporatized social media platform shortly after the ad airs.

You can get your hands (and your friends’ hands, probably at the same time) on a Triplelupa for a limited time at Taco Bells nationwide starting on March 12. Just make sure you hold onto it for dear life.