So far, they're testing the New Orleans-inspired treat in Baltimore and Boston.
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Once upon a time, in a land before the coronavirus pandemic, chocolate chip cookies at Chick-fil-A, a Blizzard at Dairy Queen, or a Krispy Kreme doughnut was perhaps a once weekly treat. Now, with the rampant stressors of daily life amid a global crisis, we're trying to be kinder to ourselves—and sometimes that means indulging in a sweet treat a little bit more than usual.

And when we caught wind of Popeyes' new chocolate-filled beignets, boy do we want to indulge. As luck would have it for us Southerners, the New Orleans-born brand has only rolled out these special beignets at select restaurants (so far it seems only in the Boston, Massachusetts and Baltimore, Maryland areas), so our dessert feast will have to wait. But, on the bright side, a representative for Popeyes' told Foodbeast that the chocolate-filled beignets are going to be available nationwide down the line. Per Foodbeast, you can buy three of the beignets for $1.99, six for $3.99, or a dozen for $7.49.

While many outlets have reported on the chocolatey news—from Eater New Orleans to TODAYit appears uncertain when this nationwide rollout will happen and if the chocolate-filled beignets will earn a permanent spot on the menu or not. On social media, Popeyes is yet to make any official announcements so we're guessing the nationwide debut of the chocolate-filled beignets may still be some time out. Southern Living has reached out to Popeyes for comment and we'll update this article pending any updates.

For now, we guess we'll have to stick to our go-to chicken sandwich order next time we go to Popeyes and keep our eyes peeled for any menu updates. Meanwhile, we do have that bag of powdered sugar in our pantry and some time to burn this weekend. Maybe now is the time to whip up some beignets to tide us over with a little homemade taste of NOLA.

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