And you can buy the treat right now, even if you're not ready for Easter decorations.
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Credit: Just Born

Froot Loops and Peeps are delightfully sugary foods on their own, whether you're enjoying a bowl of the cereal for a quick breakfast or a couple of delicious sugar-crusted marshmallows as a midday treat or dessert. But could you dare dream of putting these two delicious foods together? It seems almost too good to be true. Almost.

This Easter, Froot Loops and Peeps are partnering up for a Froot Loop-flavored Chick Pop, and the colorful confections are out now.

With this Easter sweet, you can enjoy the delicious flavors of your favorite cereal as a fun treat for the holidays. This magical Peeps Easter Froot Loop Flavored Chick Pop ($2.19; features four Peeps — blue, green, orange, and red — that have the fruity tang of the cereal. They're skewered into a fun pop — and we know food on a stick is more fun to eat. You can also buy the Peeps Chick Pop in classic Peeps colors and flavors ($2.09;

If these pops aren't enough to satisfy your Peeps craving this Easter season, you can try their coffee creamer, jelly beans ($3;, and cereal. It's a perfect excuse to eat more marshmallows at any time of the day.