Summer, but make it a potato chip.

If there’s one vegetable that comes to mind during the summer months, it’s gotta be good ol’ corn on the cob. It truly is equal parts dish and activity. There’s nothing quite like the frustration of a family member forcing you to shuck ears of corn before dinner, or the joy of pretending to eat your ear like a typewriter. If you’re a bored, quarantined celebrity, you can even attach corn to a drill and pretend your teeth fell out for social media clout.

If you happen to love the taste of corn but want to enjoy it in a slightly more portable and crunchy form, then maybe a tennis ball tube filled with Sweet Corn Pringles is exactly what you need. This recently-launched flavor brings a sweet, salty flavor that mimics the pleasant creaminess of this summertime staple.

Based on a caption-length review from Instagrammer @I_Need_A_Snack_, these limited-edition Pringles do a pretty admirable job of mimicking the color (bright neon yellow), smell, and taste. Their only complaint was that it tastes a little more like a “sweet cup of corn flavor you would get at a restaurant” than an actual buttered-up ear of corn, which feels like a very arbitrary distinction when you’re talking about distilling the essence of a vegetable into a potato chip.

Most importantly, we need to give a quick shout out to the graphic design work that went into this Pringles can. It features what appears to be a bibbed and slightly anthropomorphized Pringle (with no arms) just completely going to town on an ear of corn to the point that kernels are flying everywhere. How is the corn rotating so fast if nothing is holding it upright? Did the Pringle use a drill too? Have any of its teeth fallen out?

We may never know, but you can certainly ponder those questions when you pick up some Sweet Corn Pringles for yourself, available for a limited time exclusively at Walgreens. Who knows what the country’s corn supply chain has in store for us this summer, so stock up on these just to be safe.