Hint: Know your audience.  
Credit: Robert Deutschman/Getty Images

Follow these five easy steps to ensure your Super Bowl LIII party goes off without a hitch:

1. Know your audience.

Your guests are there because they like to watch football, right? Well then they’d probably also like to eat a Bacon Football. Or these Guacamole Footbowls. Or these Sausage Footballs. The point is, we know our way around a theme. Help us help you.

WATCH: How to Make Sausage Footballs

2. Too much food is better than not enough.

Chips and salsa ain’t gonna cut it this time. This is the biggest game of the year--you better have enough snacks to get through the halftime show.

3. Everyone loves classic game day foods…

Every football watch party needs chicken wings. I repeat: EVERY FOOTBALL WATCH PARTY NEEDS CHICKEN WINGS. Don’t be that host who doesn’t provide chicken wings. Also, queso. And nachos.

4. ...but don’t be afraid to try new things.

OK, you have the essentials. Now it’s time to get creative! Your guests probably have never had French Onion Soup Bites, but we guarantee they’ll love ‘em. Same goes for these Loaded Fried Ravioli Nachos.

5. The easier to eat, the better.

You need one hand for eating, one for holding a beer. If it takes two hands, it has no place at your Super Bowl party.