My husband loves to fish, and after a recent trip to the Gulf, he returned with enough red snapper to feed a village! So to make the most of his fresh catch, we had to be smart about freezing the fillets, and we wanted to come up with some fun ways to fix a feast. Here are some quick tips that we picked up!


FREEZING: When freezing snapper, place 2-4 fillets in a freezer-safe bag and fill with water to cover the fish (making sure to let out as much air from the bag and possilbe before sealing). Remember to mark the bag with the type of fish and date frozen.


(photo: Randy Mayor; Lydia DeGaris-Pursell)

SIDES: If you're grilling your fish, dont stop there! Make dinner an easy treat by grilling your sides, such as corn, zucchini, or vegetable kabobs.