It's the scent we didn't know we were missing.

subway diffuse.jpg
Credit: Subway UK

Unless you hate dairy, gluten, and good times, there are few things in life better than cheesy garlic bread.

While it’s unfortunately impossible to wrangle an unlimited supply of the stuff to eat for ourselves, it sounds like an unorthodox product launch from Subway scheduled for 2020 might just be the next best thing. That’s because the sandwich chain known for questionable pitchmen and yoga mat bread will soon introduce a fancy-looming scent diffuser which promises to waft the smell of freshly baked cheesy garlic bread throughout your home.

Made to look like an elegant, reed-based scent diffusers that Goop would probably charge you $200 for, the subtly branded product was inspired by Subway’s research into popular scents. Specifically, 2,000 British adults they polled who indicated that fresh-baked bread topped their list of favorite smells. Surprisingly, that aroma beat out a bevy of holiday-themed scents like Christmas tree (so pine, I guess), gingerbread, and cinnamon.

It’s good that bread beat out the smells of Christmas, since the diffuser won’t be on the market until sometime after the 2019 holiday season. Evidence suggests that Subway is still in the R&D phase, but the company hopes that its ploy to waft the scent of one of its most popular UK menu items into British and Irish homes will be ready for consumers by next year.

So if you know any blokes who go simply mental for the smell of mass-produced cheesy garlic bread, consider Christmas 2020 properly sorted. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on how a no-deal Brexit could affect your ability to import Subway’s Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread scent diffuser to the U.S. Stay tuned.