My husband makes fun of me because I only like "girly" drinks when it comes to alcohol, but I don't care. The very first cruise we went on together was way back in 1996, and we started off our trip with Strawberry Coladas. Ever since then, every time we go on a cruise or think "vacation," my thoughts immediately turn to Strawberry Coladas. A slight twist on the old standard, they are smooth, cold, creamy and go down nice and slow, just the way I like them.

A perfect way to kick off a vacation ... or even just an evening of entertaining at home or just because. And now that our next vacation is five (five!) weeks away, the countdown is on and I'm longing for my first Strawberry Colada as the ship pulls away from the shore.

But I don't have to wait ... and you don't either! These Strawberry Coladas (or Lava Flows as Rachael Ray calls them) are exactly what we need ... to escape the holiday madness, a sagging economy, teething babies, end-of-year deadlines or just to celebrate the end of a long day. Bottoms up!