You’ll want to leggo your Eggo for these. 
Credit: Instagram u/frightbites, Instagram u/itsugar

If you keep up with TV news, you know that Netflix just announced that Stranger Things’ third season will premiere this summer. While we’d have preferred an earlier release date, we’re already planning our future binge sesh--’cause you know we’re gonna conquer that thing in one sitting.

Luckily, IT’SUGAR has us covered with its line of Stranger Things-related candies.

Take a look at the totally tubular goodies we’re obsessing over:

1. A carton of malted milk balls that will help you get #JusticeForBarb.

Per its product description, this carton “asks the question Barb's friends and family never really cared enough to ask: Where is she?”

2. Gummy letters for contacting a very delicious dimension.

Keep these away from Winona Ryder.

3. A gummy waffle you won’t want to leggo.

We’ll take 11. See what I did there?

4. A ~spooky~ chocolate bar that’s half milk chocolate/half speckled gray white chocolate.

For when you really want a Three Musketeers, but you fed your last one to your demo-dog.

5. This kinda cute, kinda gross My Little Pollywog gummy.

Cat owners beware.