But they won’t be here for a little while...

By Tim Nelson
October 04, 2019

Paper straws, a well-intentioned effort to save the planet, have been a flashpoint for frustration and controversy. Conservatives hate them on principle, and even the staunchest environmentalist would admit that they can become mangled and unusable well before a beverage is finished. Is there perhaps a sweet alternative that could make everyone happy? 

Well, these Starburst Swirlers aren’t quite the perfect straw solution that could usher in a new era of environmentalism, they sure do look special. Essentially, imagine the kind of thing a coffee shop gives you to stir your drink, except it’s made out of a well-known and loved candy. 

First spotted at the 2019 National Association of Convenience Stores trade show, each of these “chewy sticks” pairs two traditional Starburst flavors into a single, swirled-up delight. As @Candyhunting’s Instagram description states, these should be available in cherry-lemon, strawberry-orange, and cherry-strawberry flavors, leaving fans of orange-lemon and cherry-orange to complain about the cruelty and unfairness of life. The packaging suggests that each stick is individually wrapped, perfect for the kind of person who enjoys the ritual of opening up a single unit of candy already housed within a larger bag. 

Don’t get too excited just yet, however. Given that they’ve made their debut at a trade show, it’ll be a little while before Starburst Swirlers will be available at a convenience store near you. Reports suggest they won’t hit store shelves until April 2020, a whole six months after their initial unveiling. That long wait is no doubt a disappointment to Starburst superfans. For now, just imagine how awesome it’s going to be to stir pink Starburst drink mix with what amounts to a two-flavored Starburst drink swirler and hang on until next spring.