Cold foam + strawberry purée equals a chocolatey pink caffeinated beverage.
Credit: @baristababynj

We’re just a few days away from Valentine’s Day, which means we’re a few days away from no longer having to hear about various branded stunts like meat bouquets. Mercifully, Starbucks has opted not to release any official beverages in honor of February 14. But that hasn’t stopped their diehard fans from unearthing a romantically-themed “secret menu” drink.

While there’s (naturally) no official name for this beverage yet, what some are referring to as a Chocolate Strawberry Cold Brew has started to pop up on Instagram. It’s an appropriately pink mix of cold brew, transformed thanks to a few sweet ingredients.

As with all drinks spoken of in hushed tones in the underground Starbucks community, there’s no exact consensus on how to order this thing. But the gist is that you’ll want to a venti cold brew and ask for it to be made with (sweet) cold foam that has strawberry purée mixed into it.

To accentuate the fruity, chocolate touches befitting of Valentine’s Day, you can add in two pumps of raspberry and two pumps of (white) mocha, as another instagrammer adds. For a finishing touch, opt for chocolate curls or a mocha drizzle.

Obviously, this is a specific series of instructions rather than a set order, so you’ll need to walk a barista through this order and potentially contend with the fact that might not have every component readily available. Unless you get off on making everyone behind you in line mad at you, it’s probably a better idea to order something like this once things calm down after the morning rush. And for god’s sake, tip your barista after making them assemble this.

But if you want a sweet way to show someone you love them and are fed up with Starbucks’ lack of romantic drinks, by all means indulge. And even if you find yourself by yourself this Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing sweeter than a little self-care in the form of a self-indulgent drink like this.