The Malaysian treat brings with it the promise of tasty springtime beverages.

By Tim Nelson
Updated March 06, 2020
Credit: Starbucks Malaysia

March is the time of year when we’re allowed to envision a world where spring is here and winter’s chilly dampness is behind us— even if it doesn’t actually feel like it yet. That season of rebirth brings with it many seasonal beverages, often celebrating lighter flavors and integrating floral concepts.

Given that it’s currently 78ºF in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, I guess they just get to have nice cold drinks already, specifically this bright and beautiful Starbucks treat.

Found by (seemingly globe-hopping) Instagram snack spotter @JunkFoodOnTheGo, what you’re looking at on the left is a Lemon Meringue Frappuccino. Well, at least it’s calling itself a Frappuccino. Based on the info in the photo, it appears to be a “luscious latte finished with scrumptious meringue toppings and a tangy lemon drizzle.” Whatever you want to call it, it sounds pretty tasty.

Based on some Instagram sleuthing of my own, it would seem that this particular Frapp isn’t unique to Malaysia— or at least it wasn’t in the past. The Lemon Meringue Frappuccino seems to have been sold in Seoul way back in 2016 (ah, simpler times), with these photos providing useful insight into what it actually looks like when you order one.

At this point there are two obvious questions: (when) will we see the Lemon Meringue Frappuccino in the U.S.? If it isn’t coming here, would it be possible to recreate it and enjoy one? While the “Starbucks secret menu” of bespoke Frappuccinos is definitely a real (and annoying) thing, it’s not clear if Starbucks has the lemon drizzle or meringue toppings necessary to accommodate such a request.

Alas, our Lemon Meringue dreams may be dashed— for now. Given both the coffee chain’s seasonal beverage track record and the creativity of their craziest fans, it’s probably only a matter of time before we have a proper springtime Frappuccino to celebrate— whether it’s on the menu or not.