The force is strong with this one.
Credit: Instagram/@foodatdisneyland

It’s no secret that Disney’s been absolutely killing the dessert game lately. Well, folks, it seems the happiest place on Earth has done it again—just look at these Star Wars-themed doughnuts:

According to Disney Food Blog, the out-of-this-world treats are available now at White Water Snacks at Disneyland’s Grand Californian Hotel.

The vanilla cake doughnuts feature berry swirl frosting, iridescent chocolate rocks, and white chocolate pieces shaped like R2-D2 and an X-wing Starfighter.

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“The texture of the donuts is nice and moist, just as we’ve come to expect from previously released donuts at White Water Snacks, and the berry frosting was not too strong,” the blog post reads.

Sounds delicious. Try these, we must.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! White Water Snacks is also selling Darth Vader-themed chocolate cupcakes.


The cupcake is topped with airy chocolate mousse frosting, sprinkles, and a milk chocolate Darth Vader mask—totally worth a trip to the dark side.

Next time you’re in Disneyland, grab a doughnut for $5.50 or a cupcake for $7.