The 50's called! They want their convenience item cake back! But you know what? We're keeping this one.

Say hello to Stained Glass Cake. Also known as Crown Jewel Cake or Broken Glass Cake, the 1950's (and a limited number of ingredients) made this cake a festive addition to the dessert buffet.


To make Stained Glass Cake, start by making three colors of Jell-O, then, when they are fully set, cut them into cubes or rectangles. I love the idea of using different shapes of cookie cutters to make themed cake designs. I'm also tempted to swap a few Jell-O pieces for gummy worms and make this the most fantastic classroom treat ever.

The hallmarks of a Stained Glass Cake are a graham cracker crust, a whipped cream-based filling, and slices of Jell-O. The hardest part about the whole recipe is waiting for the cake to set up, which you must do or you'll be eating Stained Glass parfait.

Have you ever tried Jell-O inside cake? What did you think?

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By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel