Finally, a favorite sauce in corn chip form
Credit: @lasnackdown

Based on entirely anecdotal evidence, it seems like Sriracha is the spicy condiment of choice for many discerning gourmands of all ages. It can bring the heat and punch up the flavor profile of anything from your avocado toast to your tacos. But unless you do weird things with condiments to your corn chips, Doritos seem to be one of the few places you wouldn’t find everyone’s favorite spicy rooster sauce.

If some rumors are true, though, it sounds like that’s about to change in October, when a new “Screamin’ Sriracha” flavor of the snack hits store shelves. That news comes courtesy of @lasnackdown on Instagram, an account which seems to have insider knowledge when it comes to snack launches like this. Seasoned with the taste of the hot sauce made from chili peppers, vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt, the chips in an appropriately red and green bag earned a resounding “9/10”.

It’s worth pointing out that this technically isn’t Doritos’ first foray into the world of Sriracha. Frito-Lay released a Sriracha chip that was exclusive to Japan back in 2018, but this would mark the first time that Sriracha-loving American eaters have had the chance to pop open a bag without traveling across the Pacific. Flamin’ Hot Doritos made their debut early in 2019, but there’s simply no comparing a generic hot chip to the cult classic that this Dorito is destined to be.

Obviously this isn’t the first Sriracha-themed chip to debut on American soil, but given the seeming ubiquity of Doritos, Frito-Lay would really have to try hard to screw this one up. All I ask is that they work with Taco Bell to turn this thing into an edible shell ASAP.