Eat them, before they eat your brains.
sour patch zombies.jpg
Credit: Sour Patch Kids

Do you love Sour Patch Kids, but wish they were a little bit less alive? Well, you’re in luck: You can get Sour Patch ZOMBIES at 7-Eleven all month.

The undead children are just like their living counterparts, but creepier.

“It was a dark and sour night when the orange and purple creatures rolled into town, invading 7-Eleven stores and waiting for the Zombie catchers to grab them off the shelves,” a news release states.

Orange and grape are decidedly un-zombie-like flavors, but they are probably more appealing to Sour Patch Kids’ customer base than rotting flesh.

Some people appear to be populating their edible haunted houses with the seasonal candy, which is pretty neat:

You can get one 5-oz. bag for $1.99 or two bags for $3.