Have you tried the latest Tik Tok hack?

Seemingly every day, there’s a new food trend sweeping TikTok. Between whipped coffee, cookie bread, and an endless proliferation of kitchen hacks like the toasterdilla, you could basically come up with a (very decadent) meal plan based entirely on recipes gleaned from the platform at this point.

For the latest TikTok culinary wonder, we turn to this hack which seems to transform ordinary fruit into “healthy Sour Patch Kids.” All it takes is some green grapes doused with lime juice.

Wilson told Insider she found this little fruit snack hack on Reddit a while ago. If you couldn’t already tell from the video, the process couldn’t be much easier. Wilson says to cut grapes lengthwise (more interior surface area I guess), cut up a lime, and add “as much or as little as you want” of its juice to the equation.

At this point, you’re probably wondering why green grapes are used in this monochromatic social media-spawned snack. Do they have to be green? Wilson told Insider that green grapes aren’t merely an aesthetic preference, but that they work better than red grapes because of the existing sour factor they bring to the table.

If you’re still a bit incredulous, that’s understandable. But evidence from other TikToks imply that this does in fact work.

Grape and Lime Sour Patch Kids Tik Tok Hack: Gleetza
Credit: @Gleetza via Tik Tok

@Gleetza via Tik Tok

Tik Tok users @Gleetza and @Amberrozario also tried the hack and gave it two thumbs up. Watch @Gleetza's video here, and @Amberrozario video here.

With so many other candies out there incorporating some sort of fruit flavor, hopefully this opens the door to further experimentation. Do raspberries soaked in lime and sugar taste like Nerds? Can you make homemade Skittles? We have no idea as of now, but I trust the youths of TikTok to eventually find out.