Is it time to hit the beach yet?

By Sara Tane
March 13, 2018
Courtesy of Solero

When it comes to frozen desserts, we don’t mess around. And we’ve got to admit, we love a good ice pop. If we’re really in the mood, we might make a batch at home, but sometimes when the sweet craving hits, it’s way easier to run to the supermarket and hit up the freezer aisle. Unlike most store bought ice pop varieties, which can often be too icy, distastefully artificial, or lacking in fresh, fruity flavor, a new line of frozen, fruity pops avoids all of these common ice pop shortcomings.

Solero, which was developed by the founder of Talenti, has just released three new lines of ice pops inspired by fresh fruit. The fruit used in these icy dessert bars is frozen at peak ripeness to ensure a bright, luscious fruit-eating experience, and you can definitely taste the difference in the final product. The pops are made with all-natural ingredients and no added flavors or colors—but most importantly, they’re freaking delicious. Delightfully creamy, the varieties available from this new brand are Organic Crushed Fruit Bars, Natural Crushed Fruit Bars, and Natural Crushed Fruit Pops. And some of the stand-out flavors that our team sampled include strawberry colada, lemon lime, fresh mango, coconut and pineapple.

Sure, it’s certainly a far cry from a thick tub of Talenti gelato, but if you’re looking for a fruity, light dessert, these pops are a solid option. Ranging from 45 to 110 calories, the Solero offerings are a sweet, refreshing treat that you can feel good about. The Organic Fruit Bars are currently available nationwide in 4-packs, for $4.99, and the Natural Crushed Fruit Bars are available in 6-packs for the same price. Additionally, you can buy the Natural Crushed Fruit Pops in a 12-pack for $5.99. So what are you waiting for? The freezer aisle calls.