Campfire dreams are made these.
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Credit: Target

S’mores are serious business and they need to be handled as such. What kind of person would just casually toss marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers into a plastic bag? Like they mean nothing?! An absolute lunatic, that’s what kind of person.

Someone at Hershey finally realized that each component precious cargo—so they invented this incredible s’mores caddy:

Target Instagram account @funtargetfinds spotted the $10 caddy on shelves last week.

It’s like a tackle box, but for FOOD.

Credit: Target


If we lived in a perfect world, the box would come fully packed with everything you need to make the perfect s’more. But, alas, we do not and it does not. Your $10 will only get you an empty box, and you’ll have to shell out extra for the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.

Still—this is a darn good gift for the s’mores lover in your life.

The fun doesn’t stop there: Target is also selling this s’mores melting tray for $8. Making s’mores on the grill or over a campfire has never been easier.

Credit: Target


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