When I was in Destin, Florida last weekend with three of my college buddies, we went in search of the Mexican restaurant that had been written up in the January issue of Southern Living. Not having the magazine with us (is that a sin?), we had to resort to guesswork. We did end up at the right place, which was Cantina Laredo at the Grand Boulevard, SanDestin, and agreed that it was indeed worthy of the magazine mention.

This is a gourmet Mexican restaurant and they make fabulous guacamole right at your table. Since I am still in my post-holiday resolve to eat healthier, I opted for the ceviche instead of cheese-laden enchiladas and was thrlled with my choice. I ate ceviche a lot when I was in Costa Rica and always find it to be amazingly refreshing and flavorful. The lime juice sort of "cooks" the fish, so it's not exactly raw, and it usually has a zesty mix of chiles, onions, peppers, and cilantro added to the fish. I would only order this at a place where I felt confident that the fish was at its freshest, which was the case here.

I'm all inspired to make ceviche at home now because it really is so easy and also low in fat. Of course, I need to learn not to eat a whole basket of tortilla chips along with it! In honor of our cute waiter, Jose, who is from Peru, I'm going to start with Peruvian Ceviche, but there are lots of variations. Let me know if you have any favorites. And if you go to Cantina Laredo, tell Jose I said hello.