Spirited Ice leans on our nostalgia, desire to get drunk.

Way, way back in the summer of 2019, you couldn’t go anywhere (literally, since there are apparently no open container laws when you’re drinking Claws) without seeing someone chugging a hard seltzer. It was the drinking trend of the year, inspiring everyone from (soft) seltzer makers like Polar and beer companies like Budweiser and the Boston Beer Company to try and get a piece of the action.

While it doesn’t seem like spiked seltzer is about to go extinct, you might want to keep an early eye out for what could be the new boozy trend for 2020: spiked ice pops. And if there’s going to be a White Claw equivalent, it could end up being SLIQ Spirited Ice, a dedicated brand created by the same people whose colorful Fla-Vor-Ice and Otter Pops you probably remember from the carefree summer days of your youth.

According to a press release, SLIQ will sell three unique packs of potent ice pops, each infused with a different spirit and available in flavors similar to what you might’ve enjoyed as a mixer or cocktail in the past. The vodka-based Spirited Ice will include lemonade, cranberry & grapefruit, and Blue raspberry “freezer bars.” Rum offers Strawberry Daiquiri, Coconut & Lime Daiquiri, and Pineapple Daiquiri tastes. The Agave-infused option includes “Classic” Margarita, Strawberry Margarita, and Mango Margarita.

In terms of other pertinent details, each “freezer bar” weighs in at 100 calories or less, packing a punch of about 8 percent ABV. It’s not as crazy (dangerous?) as the Four Loko Hard Seltzer, but definitely a bit stronger than the 5 percent of a White Claw.

While you could argue that Spirited Ice is a bit hamstrung by the fact that you might not want to sip/eat one all year-round, they have a definite advantage in breadth of flavors and fun factor. I’m not sure how exactly one would go about shotgunning a Spirited Ice, but you can bet that someone will at least try and probably fail by the time Memorial Day Weekend is over.