Slice is getting charitable for National Pizza Day
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Credit: Vadim Smirnov / EyeEm/Getty Images

There’s only one thing that’s better than pizza, and that’s pizza with a cause.

This Saturday, in honor of National Pizza Day, the mobile pizza platform Slice (pretty much the Postmates of pizza) will donate proceeds from every order to nonprofits fighting hunger through its “Pizza for Change” campaign.

Depending on location, Slice will give $1.95 out of every order to Feeding America or local nonprofits in Boston, Denver, Miami, New York, and Philadelphia. Slice currently operates in more than 8,000 cities and works with more than 10,000 independent shops. Every dollar donated to Feeding America helps provide at least 10 meals to local food banks, and the charity helps more than 46 million people struggling with intense hunger.

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"This campaign stems from our mission as a company, rather than a particular moment. We are focused on supporting small businesses, local communities, and ensuring that everyone gets easy access to the food they love,” said Ilie Sela, Slice founder and CEO. “And with this campaign, we are able to take it a step further by partnering with some amazing charities across the US to help those in need access the food they deserve. It's something myself, and everyone at Slice, is very passionate about being a part of."

This isn’t the first time ordering pizza has been tied to a good cause. Back in November, pizza got political thanks to Pizza to the Polls, an organization that provided voters stuck in long lines with meals from local pizzerias.

Slice is available to download via Google Play and the iTunes App Store.