It’s like a smoothie you can eat.
Credit: Skittles

Remember 2005? The world was a different place. Debates raged over whether MySpace or Facebook was the superior social network. EDM superstar Skrillex was in a popular emo band called From First to Last. Most importantly, Skittles Smoothies existed.

While much of that era in history is best confined to the past, the good news is that Skittles Smoothies are at least coming back. A sort of creamy yet tropical take on Skittles inspired by, well, most smoothies you might order, the 2005 edition featured flavors like Strawberry Banana, Lemon Berry, Mixed Berry, Peach Pear, and Orange Mango.

While Strawberry Banana (a classic smoothie flavor to be sure) remains a holdover from the 2005 edition, this update on (what some people regard as) a classic largely rotates in a new set of fruit flavors. Among them, you’ll find Raspberry, Blueberry, Mango, and Peach Guava. I guess the rise of Wikipedia and social media over the last 15 years has given candy audiences a newfound appreciation for guava? Who knows.

Don’t let the Smoothie element alarm you, however: These Skittles may have a yogurt/dairy-like texture and taste, but there is not any actual dairy to be found within them. That’s great news for lactose intolerant folks with a serious craving for some mid-aughts nostalgia.

So if for whatever reason the existing wide array of Skittles can’t quite satisfy that tropical/smoothie craving, your prayers have been answered. Let’s just hope we don’t bring back any other cultural artifacts from 2005 for a little while. One is enough.