It comes in four flavors!
Credit: Instagram u/junkfoodmom

People really love drinking their candy these days—you can buy Twix milk, Snickers coffee creamer, and, now, Skittles drink mix.

Instagrammer @junkfoodmom spotted the new product at the recent Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago.

“Coming soon,” the caption reads. “New Skittles Singles To Go. Little tubes of flavored powder that you mix in a standard sized bottle of water. Strawberry, Orange, Green Apple, and Grape. Now we not only taste the rainbow ... we can drink the rainbow.”

According to the packaging, the flavored powder is poured Kool Aid-style into plain water.

Each box comes with 40 strawberry-, orange-, green apple-, and grape-flavored packets.

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Bizarrely, there’s no sugar added. We’re not sure how that’s possible, but we’ll take it.

We know these are technically meant for water and probably geared toward children, but we can’t help but feel like this would be an amazing mixer. Seriously, we wouldn’t turn down a Strawberry Skittle cocktail.

We reached out to Mars, Skittles’ parent company, for more information—we’ll let you know when we have a release date.