There are a few things my coworkers at MyRecipes all know about me. For starters, I dislike (ok, hate) most white foods including icing, cottage cheese, and, yes, ice cream. They also know that I'm a juice fiend. Everyday I roll into my workspace with my purse, my calendar, and a personalized "A" glass full of orange juice. Every day there's a glass, and every day it's full of juice boasting all that citrusy Vitamin C goodness (and yes, extra pulp).

Everything they know about me is about to change.

I've avoided apple juice for a long time. I keep trying it and it keeps tasting more fake and sugary. Too sweetened, or if it's "no sugar added," then it tastes like there's fake sugar added. A no win with an aftertaste that left something to be desired, so I left the apple juice to the nieces and nephews (who didn't know any better, bless them), and moved on.

Then I noticed, in the chilled drinks section of my grocery store, a new apple juice. It claimed to be "pure-pressed" and definitely "not from concentrate." My heart rejoiced. Dare I try again? I did, and I'm oh-so-glad. My love of apple juice has returned. Simply Apple juice has a cloudy look to it in a glass, which sent my mind racing back to the days of sipping apple cider during a third-grade field trip to the apple farm. My taste buds were equally impressed. It's perfectly sweet and actually tastes like ripe red apples. And there's no thick aftertaste to muddle the flavor.

So pour a glass and mix up the regular breakfast offerings at your brunch table. Me, I like a tall glass after dinner. Whenever you choose to enjoy it, I promise you won't be sorry you did.

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel