Just add skillet.
dreampak pancake
Credit: DreamPak

Pancakes make for a classic, delicious breakfast. And while you’ll find them at diners and breakfast buffets, it feels like they’re at least a little less commonly prepared in home kitchens these days. For a generation of millennials accused of not knowing how to use a can opener, it might have something to do with the labor that goes into mixing up pancake batter. After all, you just have to throw bacon in a frying pan to get something edible.

Well, you can no longer use the “wahh pancake batter is too hard” excuse. Thanks to the geniuses at DreamPak, a “liquid mix innovations” company, you can now buy your very own bottle of pancake batter that’s ready to go as soon as it’s poured. Dubbed Mr. Batter’s Pancake Batter, all one has to do is pour the batter from the bottle into a pan over medium-low heat, wait, and eat buttermilk pancakes without any effort whatsoever.

Mr. Batter is innovative in other ways as well. It’s a shelf-stable product, meaning that you don’t even really have to refrigerate the thing after it’s opened if you don’t want to. And because the pancake batter is safely edible before it even leaves the bottle, you can cut out the whole cooking process and chug the pancake mix like breakfast Soylent to maximize efficiency—if you’re into that sort of thing. Each bottle contains 16 fluid ounces of batter, which can make 15 “servings” of pancake.

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The way DreamPak sees it, liquid pancake batter disrupts of breakfast as we know it by removing both labor and ingredients from pancake construction. "Mr. Batter's is a truly a breakthrough innovation in the breakfast category," VP of Sales & Marketing Tarick Gamay said in a press release. "Essentially we are allowing them to skip right to the batter without the time, mess and frustration of the typical boxed powder mix preparation process."

Unfortunately, this radical departure from pancaking as we know it won’t be available at select grocery chains until March. There’ll only be a single buttermilk flavor to start, but it’s a small price to pay for tricking people into thinking you know how to make a legitimate breakfast.