Oh, and there’s cheese curds too

If I were in charge of naming months or otherwise delineating the phases of the year, I would christen the stretch between the first weekend of the new year and the Super Bowl as Peak Appetizer Season. Between the cold weather that drives everyone indoors and the playoff football on TV, this time of year comes with built-in excuses for stuffing your face with all manner of “foods” you’d find gracing the menu of a Guy Fieri restaurant.

That’s why the mysterious appearance of a big ol’ box of Jalapeño “Peppers” on the shelves of Sam’s Club comes as welcome, perfectly-timed news. Instagrammer @OhHeySamsClub, who presumably spends more time hanging around locations of the Walmart subsidiary than you or I do, has spotted the perfect party-starting kit for fans of fried foods filled with cream cheese.

Based on the information one can glean from the box, these jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese are wrapped in a crispy breading, which is then fried. These are “40-50 count” boxes, which is a weirdly big range to advertise. Despite that variance, you have to admit that this thing comes packed with plenty of poppers/peppers perfect for getting the party started. For $8.98, that’s a pretty good price per popper (PPP).

If the mild spice of a jalapeño snack is too much for your sensitive palate, the good news is that you can stuff your gullet with two pounds of cheese curds instead. That perfect frozen snack for Packers fans will only set you back $6.98 so honestly why not just grab both.

So if you’re the lazy freeloader who usually shows up to a Super Bowl party empty-handed, you’re officially out of excuses (well, unless you don’t live near a Sam’s club). Protip: microwave them ahead of time and no one will know you didn’t actually make these yourself.