Happy National Churro Day Eve!
Credit: Scott Olson / Getty Images News, Sam's Club

No matter how many we’re forced to celebrate, we sure do love a good food holiday. We observed National Cheese Day yesterday and we’re finalizing our National Doughnut Day plans for Friday.

It’s recently come to our attention, however, that we’ve overlooked another VIH (very important holiday) that’s happening this week: National Churro Day.

WATCH: How to Make Churros

Lucky for us, Sam’s Club most certainly did not forget: The chain is selling their 18-inch churros for only 50 freakin’ cents on Thursday, June 6, Delish reports. For reference, that’s HALF of their normal price of $1.

No Sam’s Club membership? No problem! Contrary to popular belief, you do not half to be a member to enjoy all that the Sam’s café has to offer—like that delicious-looking pizza pretzel.

If you don’t live near a Sam’s Club—but still want to partake in National Churro Day festivities—we’ve got you covered.

Air Fryer Churros With Chocolate Sauce
Credit: Paige Grandjean

Paige Grandjean

Try our Classic Churros or our Air-Fryer Churros to satisfy your hankering for fried cinnamon and sugar.

Note: You’re going to have to adjust our recipes to make yourself a Sam’s Club-sized snack.