Coca-Cola salad, anyone?

Unpopular opinion: I don’t like salad. I think it’s dull and useless and I would not be surprised if Satan serves iceberg lettuce in hell.

But a viral Twitter thread has me rethinking my whole “salad is boring” stance—honestly, I’m not convinced I even know what salad is anymore.

Lizzy O'Leary, contributing editor at The Atlantic, tweeted a series of photos of quirky recipes from a vintage cookbook called "Atlanta Natives' Favorite Recipes."

“I have found an old southern cookbook with some truly fantastic “salad” recipes,” she teased.

Among them were instructions for how to make “Coca-Cola Salad,” a concoction that calls for soda, Jell-O, cream cheese, and nuts; “White Salad,” which involves marshmallows—that’s all you need to know; and “Congealed Potato Salad,” which is exactly what it sounds like.

For the full effect you’ll just have to read the whole thread for yourself—find it here.

As a native of the Deep South, I’m not completely surprised by these recipes—family reunions almost always involve ambrosia of some sort. Other Twitter users, however, are clearly horrified.

Notable responses to the thread include:

“This made me physically ill. You owe me an apology.”

“My eyes!!! My eyes!!!!! Make it go away!!!”

“I don’t think you’ll be invited back to the cookout if you brought that salad.”

Here’s what I have to say: Sure, a salad made with Jell-O and Coke may not be your cup of tea—but at least it’s not rabbit food.