Who asked for this?

Depending on your Valentine’s day, Easter is either the second or third-most candy-centric holiday on the calendar. Compared to Halloween, it also seems to be comprised of a few specific and familiar candies like Cadbury eggs, jelly beans, and marshmallow Peeps. But none of them can hold a candle to the quintessential and classic giant chocolate Easter bunny, the sacred cow of springtime treats.

I guess Russell Stover has decided they couldn’t leave well enough alone, because they’ve warped that familiar chocolate rabbit into an unrecognizable form that will literally leave a bad taste in your mouth. As spotted by Instagrammer @Markie_Devo, Russell Stover is planning on dropping a line of what they’re calling “Sours!” this year. In this case, that means a series of sour-flavored Easter bunnies...

For whatever reason, someone at the 97-year-old candy company thought it would be a great idea to pair sour fruit flavors like blue raspberry, cherry, and watermelon with white fudge. Not only that, but each of these flavors comes in a rather pastel shade meant to match the flavor. I get that these sorts of colors tend to pop up around Easter and the onset of spring, but I’d hardly describe a big blue piece of chocolate as something I’d eat with enthusiasm.

For what it’s worth @Markie_Devo notes that these were only seen as an early rollout at Stop & Shop, and there’s no info about them on Russell Stover’s website as of yet. Maybe that means these sour white chocolate bunnies are simply the work of an elaborate prankster with too much free time.

Luckily, it doesn’t look like Russell Stover is entirely giving up on chocolate as we know it. One of their other new Easter offerings seems to be a (normal) chocolate bunny that you can break into pieces and dip into peanut butter. That should work because it’s a normal taste to combine with chocolate.

So if you want to ruin someone’s easter, put one of these “Sours!” bunnies in their basket. Hopefully parents who film their kid’s reaction to these things should at least get some adorable content out of it.