Each box comes with a Tommy Pickles prize inside.
Credit: fye.com

No two things pair together quite as perfectly as cereal and Saturday morning cartoons. The nostalgia it evokes probably explains why sugary cereal has staged something of a comeback in these otherwise health-conscious times. Perhaps it was only a matter of time, then, before these two things were combined into a single product.

Behold: Rugrats cereal. Created by Funko, the same visionaries that gave the world Golden Girls cereal, this box of circular multigrain cereal is an ode to the devious toddlers that dominated the airwaves in the ‘90s and early 2000s. As with the Golden Girls edition, the Rugrats cereal is made up of “FunkO’s,” this time swapping bluish-purple for Nickelodeon’s signature shade of orange.

Given that Funko is less of a food brand and more of a toy company/nostalgia factory, these Rugrats FunkO’s are perhaps more notable for the prize inside than the cereal itself. Each seven-ounce box comes with a large figurine of Tommy Pickles, clad in his signature blue shirt and diaper, but with the signature wide, dark eyes of a Funko figurine that makes him look frighteningly inhuman.

If you’re looking to track down a box, you can buy one for $12.99 from FYE, a chain that somehow still exists despite the fact that no one hangs out at malls anymore. There’s a limit of four per customer, so keep that in mind if you’re looking to start a side hustle flipping Rugrats figurines on eBay. Walmart looks to be selling the cereal for $29.99, correctly assuming that millennials will overpay for cultural items that evoke memories of the past.

Buying Rugrats cereal won’t help you pay off your student loan debt. But the chance to eat a bowl of cereal that helps you harken back to a simpler time (and then selling the Tommy Pickles figurine at a profit) is hard to pass up.