We’re not sure how to feel.

Rotisserie Chicken Pringles
Credit: Instagram/@candyhunting

Can somebody check on whoever is in charge of coming up with ideas at Pringles? I think they might be in trouble—the brand’s latest (possible) flavor seems like a cry for help.

According to junk food Instagrammer @candyhunting, Pringles is set to release rotisserie chicken-flavored chips sometime in the near future.

Honestly, I’m not sure how to feel. It sounds a little gross, but also … why not?

Chips are good. Rotisserie chicken is good. Is it weird that I’m kind of intrigued by this idea?

Some less troubling news: Parmesan and garlic-flavored Pringles are also set to appear on shelves in the coming months, @candyhunting says.

“New Rotisserie Chicken and Parmesan & Roasted Garlic Pringles will be out soon,” the photo is captioned. “Kellogg's suggests stacking the two flavors to create chicken parmesan. The Rotisserie Chicken flavor is ok, but that Parmesan flavor is killer. It's easily in my top five favorite Pringles flavors.”

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I haven’t tried it yet, but that sounds like a chip I can fully endorse.

There’s no official word yet on if or when Rotisserie Chicken and Parmesan & Roasted Garlic Pringles will be available. However, @candyhunting is a pretty trustworthy source. I’m willing to bet they’ll be in stores sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, you can always try to find the brand’s new and elusive onion ring-flavored chips—read all about them right here.