A neighbor and I were just talking about our criteria when choosing recipes for weeknight dinners. For me, simple and delicious are key. I start cooking at 5 pm (because I'm not nearly organized enough to do anything the night before) and need to get it on the table by 6:30 or so. While an hour and a half might sound like plenty of time, it's with a 13-month-old baby, a 6-year-old doing homework, a massive dog and two cats underfoot. Forget it if the doorbell or phone rings. And you know where everybody is when I'm in the kitchen ... right there in the kitchen with me.

When I spied this recipe from Melissa Clark in the New York Times a few months back, it sounded perfect. Well, it would have been perfect if it was O'Malley-kid-friendly (yuck shrimp!), but that's what leftovers are for, right? In five minutes, you can have this in your oven without breaking a sweat. And the reward? Delicious roasted vegetables and shrimp ... everyone knows that roasting any vegetable makes it uber-delicious, so why not throw shrimp into the mix and get a protein-packed meal out of it, right?

Now while she served this on its own, there is no way that would fly in a household with a hungry guy. I'm sorry. It just wouldn't. So then I would suggest serving it over rice or cous cous, and perhaps adding a side dish. However you do it, you can't go wrong.