It’s the comeback of the century.

By Corey Williams
November 27, 2018
Bazooka Candy

Ring Pops are back, baby! Well, they never actually went anywhere—apparently they’ve been available in stores since they were invented in the late 1970s. But still, I’d be willing to bet most of us haven’t seen one in at least a decade.

Think back on the last time you enjoyed a Ring Pop. If I remember correctly, I was happily wielding one on each finger like a sticky Edward Scissorhands. Those were the days, right?

Praise Britney, because we’re finally able to relive our late ‘90s/early 2000s glory days without the mess.

Bazooka Candy launched Ring Pop Gummy Gems this week—and they look spectacular.

Though they’re still gem-shaped, these sweet and sour gummies are a bit of a departure from their lollipop predecessors.

"We are thrilled to introduce Ring Pop Gummy Gems. Generations of Ring Pop consumers know and love the Ring Pop iconic gem shape. That's why we're so excited to use all new 3D technology to create an eye catching gem-shaped gummy that's unlike any other," said Becky Sotsky, Senior Brand Manager for Bazooka Candy Brands, in a press release. "The combination of the sweet gummy and sour gel, plus the one-of-a-kind gem shape make this product a must try for candy lovers!"

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The 3.7 oz. packs, which are now exclusively available at Walmart, will be available at other major retailers in January 2019. Sweet and sour flavor combinations include Cherry Apple, Blue Raspberry Watermelon, Lime Blue Raspberry, and Tropical Pineapple Orange.

I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely loving this candy nostalgia. Hopefully companies take a cue from Bazooka and update other forgotten favorites. 

Next up: Baby Bottle Pops.