A man after our own hearts.  

Reese's superfan
Credit: Facebook u/Lavoy Sales

Lavoy Sales of Springfield, Tennessee really, really loves Reese’s—and, hey, there are worse things to obsess over.

Sales is such a fan, in fact, that he drives around in an actual shrine to the chocolate and peanut butter candies.

Via Lavoy Sales' Facebook

The Hershey Company took notice of this earnest display of devotion (and free advertising) and took out billboards to track down the car’s owner.

5 billboards to find 1 Reese’s superfan. Yes, we really want to find this car owner. #NotSorry #ReesesCar pic.twitter.com/ylvxdOAbjt

Once they found Sales, a professional car detailer, it became clear just how deep his affection goes.

Every weekend, according to TODAY Food, Sales, his wife, and their two children buy several large bags of various Reese's candies and hands them out to strangers on a main street in downtown Nashville.

If you thought that’s where the mania ends, think again. Take a look at the Sales family’s Christmas tree:


Via TODAY Food

That’s a lotta Reese’s.

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